Clinical Mentorship


There are a multitude of herbal training programs available to student-herbalists in the US and abroad, but nothing takes the place of a one-on-one mentor to review your cases, to ask your herbal questions, and to have as a guide as you walk your path towards clinical herbalism.

As Clinic Director of a student-led clinic in a rigorous full-time clinical training program, I am uniquely qualified to support the beginning herbalist in their journey towards professional herbalism. I spend most of my time sitting in with student practitioners, reviewing their cases, and helping them to develop the skills necessary to become successful clinical practitioners.


Becoming a successful clinic herbalist is not all about differentials and picking the "right" herbs for your client. There is understanding legalities in your state, setting up a practice, getting clients, creating intake forms, and learning to write SOAP notes. There are also the myriad of emotional quotient or "soft skills," skills that are best taught in a probelm-based learning environment. One-on-one mentorship is customizable to YOUR unique needs!

If you are interested in one of my three tiers of Clinical Mentorship, please email me to set up a free 20 minute phone chat to see if we would be a good fit. Sliding scale and scholorships are available!



Hourly Case Review/Q&A Sessions

Price: $40 an hour

What you get:



    • Pre-assessment of your case, including intake forms, all notes, client correspondence, and blood work.

    • My differentials, including health plan suggestions.

    • Time for Q&A 


    • Questions answered in whatever depth your skill level allows. If you send questions in advance your session will include a follow up email with resources. I also bill for the time it takes to create resource documents, this is usually 30 minutes.

    • I will answer questions about anything clinic related, including setting up a practice, getting and keeping clients, herbal/nutritional protocols, etc.

Monthly Mentorship Program

Price: $200-300/Month


The monthly mentorship is for folks who are looking to develop and deepen skills through case review or Q&A sessions. This is an individualized, intensive program that includes reading assignments, homework, and goal setting along with case review. Discounts available if you book 3 months or more.


What you get:

  • Initial "Intake" an info gathering session for me to understand your training, skill set, and herbal goals.

  • 1 hour phone session a week

  • 1 case shadowing session with Q&A

  • A custom learning plan, complete with resources, assignments, and exercises for clinical growth

Consult Shadowing

Price: $40-70/session

Case shadowing is for folks who are interested in sitting in on my cases, in-person and distance options available. I offer this service for multiple folks at once, one on one sessions are $70.

What you get:

  • Access to client paperwork and forms before consult

  • Sitting in on a case, this lasts between 1-3 hours

  • Discussion session after consult

  • Follow up resource list

  • Copy of my finalized client health plan